Seasoning perfection for your BBQ

bbq chicken

Spring is here, which means the start of BBQ season is around the corner! As we look forward to fresh meals outside with loved ones, we’ve collected tips from BoTree seasoning experts to help you have the best BBQ yet. 

To start

High quality charcoal or wood are both good options; wood is a favourite because of the lovely flavours and aromas it adds to food. Meat should be room temperature to start, so take it out of the fridge an hour or so before you cook it.

Now comes the fun part - season food before lighting the barbecue. Black, red, and white Kampot pepper all have a part to play depending on what is on the menu. For salt you can never go wrong with Fleur de Sel.

Important note: be sure to add salt to both sides of meat as it absorbs moisture and heats up the outer side of what you’re cooking.  

Take olive oil and rub it in with hands. On both sides, grind pepper (see below for type) and sprinkle Fleur de Sel to taste.

Juicy meat and fish

A meaty steak pairs beautifully with the robustness of Black Kampot pepper. For pork or lamb, use Red Kampot pepper. It is best to slow-roast pork and lamb on the barbecue, so flavours infuse and the meat becomes really tender.

After cooking, the fats will have tightened up from the heat so let meat rest. Have a warm dish prepared to put it in. Add foil to the top and soon the muscles will relax, enabling juices to come back out again. You end up with well-cooked meat in its own jus. The rest time depends on size, between 5-20 minutes.

For fish, you could do grilled or steamed, which on the barbecue both use Red Kampot pepper. For steamed salmon, we like to make a marinade with lime juice, minced ginger, Red pepper and onions. Squeeze lime all over, wrap it with foil to create a bag, and put that on the barbeque. Within 20 - 25 minutes, you have lovely steamed fish with smoky flavours from the grill coming through.

Seasonal vegetables and sides

Crowd pleasers are sweet corn with Red Kampot pepper and high-quality butter, as well as thinly sliced courgette w/ Red and Fleur de Sel - quickly grill both sides. Utilise spring veggies like early new potatoes and wild garlic (a flower with fresh, lovely garlic flavour) in lieu of crushed garlic.

For a lovely salad, try this delicious French dressing recipe: olive oil, Dijon, a little white wine vinegar, ground Red Kampot pepper, Fleur de Sel, and a little brown sugar. Shake to mix.

If you’re using barbecue coals, you can’t go wrong with tasty baked potatoes. Slice the potatoes in half, grind White Kampot pepper on top with Fleur de Sel. Wrap in foil, and sit them in the heat of the BBQ.

The BBQ is a much-loved celebration of food and the outdoors, so why not use the best ingredients you can? As you consider the perfect wine to complement your meal, remember to consider the seasoning you will use, too. Visit our Pepper Shop now & order by 1 May to get your seasonings by the May bank holiday weekend.